A Nativity - Blessed Family Christmas Yard Silouhette Set

Type: Christmas

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A Outdoor Nativity Set,Yard Silhouette Display.  These sets are made from half inch thick PVC, a serious upgrade from the more common plywood. In the case of the Blessed family set, Joseph is 24 Inches tall, Mary 12 inches tall, and Infant Jesus and crib is 7 by 9 inches. This is a nice balance in size, giving a nice display yet being easy to store and inexpensive to own.

We recommend pairing with a spotlight or solar spotlight for best effect.

This like all our products are made by yours truly locally in Palm Harbor, Florida.  The PVC has the added benefit of not warping, splitting, or peeling paint.  If you manage to make a mark on it you can just rub it with a sanding sponge or fine sandpaper to clean. The color is all the way through the material.